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Who we are

The Anglican Board of Education in Southern Africa (ABESA) is an initiative that seeks to enable the provision of excellent, accessible and Christian education, primarily focused on the poor and previously disadvantaged communities. Central to this vision is a fundamental belief that every child deserves and should be able to obtain excellent education, in their own community and within walking distance.

Where it all began

In 2012 Archbishop Thabo Makgoba responded to the education challenge in Southern Africa by assembling leaders of the Church, schools and society at large to discuss and respond to a vision statement he had prepared.

The outcome of this meeting was a proposal that the Anglican Church initiate a Board of Education to support the good work of many Anglican schools, be a conduit for the establishment of high-quality, accessible, faith-based schools and to serve as custodians of Christian ethos in education.

Furthermore, it was resolved that quality education should be elevated as a priority on the agenda of the Anglican Church, with a particular focus on disadvantaged communities.

The Anglican Board of Education was formally constituted in November 2006 as a non-profit company. At that time, it limited its activities to the Western Cape and its particular focus was to identify and support Anglican Church Schools who had been taken over by the government but still operated on Church land. These historic mission/parish schools had been neglected and faced particular challenges.

In 2013 the board of the ABE resigned and a new board was selected by the Provincial Synod. The vision of the new board was not limited to the Western Cape but included the whole Province of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA).

The Archbishop of Cape Town, Thabo Makgoba is the Patron and Bishop Peter Lee is Chairman.

Please see the Memorandum of Incorporation (Annexure A) and the endorsement from the Archbishop and the Provincial Standing Committee (Annexure B) under “Governance”.

ABESA constituded as non-profit Company

Member Countries

Anglican Church Schools in Southern Africa

Our Objective

We understand that Southern Africa faces considerable challenges which can be mitigated by the delivery of excellent education. Furthermore, we understand that education as a sector faces its own challenges which are hampering communities and states from realising their full potential. The Anglican Board of Education in Southern Africa seeks to enable the delivery of high-quality, accessible education and to serve as custodians of Christian ethos within education. As an Anglican Christian community concerned for the well-being, quality and ethos of both independent and public education in Southern Africa, ABESA’s objectives, as stated in its Memorandum of Incorporation are to promote and enhance the quality of education within the area of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa and more particularly:

To strengthen what the Church is already doing in the field of education;

To encourage and foster the creation of more excellent church schools for all;

To play our part in restoring the spirit and soul of public education.

To raise funds both nationally and internationally for these purposes.

The Province’s Member Countries

The Anglican Church of Southern Africa (ACSA) is made up of four countries and an Island:  Lesotho, Namibia, St Helena, South Africa and eSwatini.

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