Supporting a mission for the greater good of our country


ABESA Support

As an umbrella body that stands for high-quality Christian education in Southern Africa ABESA will offer support to the Heads and the Chaplains in their particular roles as:
  • Custodians of Christian ethos & Anglican values
  • Drivers of Christian Social Impact in the community
  • Providers of Spiritual Leadership
  • Facilitating strategic partnerships
Sources of funding of ABESA

An initial start-up contribution from the Anglican Church, and, in terms of the constitution, annual contributions from participating Anglican Schools, which, by means of this funding, can incorporate all ABESA projects into their outreach programmes.

The annual contributions from Anglican Schools are calculated on the following basis:
To ensure sustainability, all the Anglican Church Schools will be asked to pay an annual subscription fee. Schools with an enrolment of 300 and above will contribute 50% of the highest annual tuition fee.  Schools below 300 will contribute 30% of an annual tuition fee.  If a school has both high and primary schools, then both will make a contribution.

Current projects:

  • Self-Appraisal Guide for Heads and Chaplains – A document has been produced on the seven key characteristics of an Anglican school.  This is available as a self-appraisal guide to Heads and Chaplains of Anglican Schools to assist them in the shaping of an Anglican School identity for their school.
  • Workshops and seminars – For educators in Anglican Schools
  • Curriculum Development – Support and assistance is provided to Chaplains in the development of an appropriate religious education / divinity curriculum that serves the needs of a contemporary education.
  • Community Outreach Projects – ABESA will work with schools ‘outreach persons to support the work they are doing in community outreach, and to link this to another less resourced school, if appropriate.   ABESA would assist with fund raising for such initiatives.   There are several successful models that operate in this sector.
  • Development of New Anglican Schools – ABESA’s  vision and mission is to grow and develop 28 new Anglican Schools which provide quality Christian education and which are accessible to all.  ABESA believes this is part of the mission of the church particularly as we face an education crisis in our country.     ABESA will assist with finding the funds, partners and developing a project plan, for specific projects and is searching for green shoots that indicate the presence of God in people who already show concern and have started or want to start a new school project.