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About Us


Sources of Funding

Most of the envisaged projects are areas of growth and development. They will face significant challenges, largely related to human and financial resources. ABESA will ensure that the seed is watered with love and care and that there is energy, enthusiasm and good governance in their execution.

Funding for these projects will be raised through various champions and from donations from churches, businesses, charities and international donors. The money from contributing Anglican schools will be invested primarily in the staffing and running of the ABESA offices, which will ensure that the organisation remains sustainable. The schools, once established, will be self-sustaining through school fees and government subsidies. The full time team will drive all activities by the Board of Education and be custodians of the mandate.

The Steps

How funds secured will be used for Establishment and running of ABESA

Initial start-up funding has been provided by the Anglican Church towards establishing the staffing component of the initiative, who will be the drivers of The Board of Education’s activities. Funding from contributing Anglican schools will ensure that the initiative remains sustainable.

Supporting Anglican Member Schools

A priority of the ABESA team will be providing the necessary services and support to member schools, as outlined in prior sections.

Establishing New Schools

Funds will be geared towards the establishment of new schools. Each envisaged school will require its own fund, which will be exclusively managed on a project basis.

Supporting Community Initiatives

Effort will be directed at identifying communities in need and galvanizing the local community through the parishes to get involved

Tracking local community and local parish activity will be a major focus so to provide guidance and support as required. This area will require minimal financial cost but will need to be driven by the Board of Education staff.