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Strategic Focus Areas

To strengthen existing Anglican Schools;

A priority of the ABESA team will be providing the necessary services and support to member schools, as outlined in prior sections, and facilitating the sharing of expertise between schools.
Funding Sources
Initial start-up funds provided by the Anglican Church.  Ongoing funding from participating Anglican Schools, which will enable them to incorporate ABESA projects into their outreach programmes.

To encourage and foster the creation of new Anglican schools.  The goal is a new school in each of the Province’s 28 Diocese.

ABESA, Churches, schools, business people, community members.
Funding Sources
Funding will be raised for specific projects from donations from churches, individuals, businesses and charities and International donors; ultimately schools must be self-sustaining through school fees and subsidies.

To encourage parishes in the ongoing upliftment of all their communities through partnership with local public schools;

ABESA, Churches and members of the parish.
Funding Sources
ABESA will assist parishes, on a project specific basis,  to identify potential partners and sources of funding from donations from churches, individuals, businesses, charities and International donors.

Staffing and running of ABESA

Anglican Church and participating Anglican Schools.

Go to “Anglican Church Schools” for a list of contributors.

Funding Sources
Initial start-up funding has been provided by the Anglican Church to establish the staffing component of the initiative, who will be the drivers of ABESA’s activities and custodians of the mandate. Funding from contributing Anglican schools will ensure that the initiative remains sustainable.

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